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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register and pay for my Pocket Office Pool account?

You’ll need an account. Click on the Register or Login link and once you have logged into your account you will be able to register your pool online using any major credit card. Registration allows for access beyond week 8. The amount of $30.00 (new users) or $20.00 (renewal). To pay by check please mail payment to:
Dolphin Safe Software
5555 Business Park S
Suite 235
Bakersfield, CA 93309

How do my players make picks

Your players will need to log on to make picks.

What "tie breaker" methods are available?

Pocket Office Pool allows for a tie breaker on any game. Pool settings allow for the option of either total points scored or margin of victory. Pool settings also allow for the option of either closest to the total closest or closest without going over.

I don't understand the "Recap" report - what is the deal with the Season Points & Season Record and why does it sort by Points?

This question has been asked many times. Season points represent the aggregate points selected by each player for tie-breaker games less the aggregate points scored in tie-breaker games (for those using “combined score” for tie-breakers) otherwise it represents the aggregate combined margin for all tie-breaker games. Let’s see an example:

Joe plays weeks 1,2 & 3. He picks 44 for week 1, 27 for week 2 and 35 for week 3. His aggregate for all tie breaker games picked would be 44+27+35 = 106. Let’s say that week 1’s tie breaker score was 21-10 = 31, week 2 = 14-31=44, week 3 = 9-6 = 15 …. so 31+44+15 = 90. 106 (Joe’s aggregate) less 90 (points scored) = 16. If Joe’s aggregate was 80, his season points would be -10 (or 10 pts away from perfect). This point factor is only used to determine ranking when win-loss-tie record is the same for 2 or more players.

Note: At the beginning of a week, before the games have been played, but after picks have been made, the aggregate of tie-breaker games picked will reflect a slightly higher (by the amount of the current weeks tie breaker points) number than when there is a score to offset.

The scores for the games are correct but the correct pick appears to be wrong - what is happening?

This situation has to do with the use of spreads in determining correct and incorrect picks. If, for instance, team 1 is favored over team 2 by 4 points. Team 1 wins by 2 – they did not cover the spread. This makes team 1 an incorrect pick (if spreads are used to determine correct picks). If you do not want to use spreads to determine the correct pick, un-select “Use Spreads” in the Pool Options. Also, when there is a tie as a result of the spread, there are several options on how to handle this situation. Please review your settings if there are any questions.

Can I change the schedule?

Yes. You can use a “custom schedule” by selecting that option at the “week” level. Not all schedules are required to be custom for a given pool. You may also copy our master schedule and modify as much as you would like.

However, this feature may cause issues with season statistics.

Can I recover last years players

There is no need to “recover” player information since all of the information is stored on our servers in perpetuity. There is no longer a desktop application – all information exists solely on our servers.